... a means to excavate the minds inner architecture and rewild our urban outlook ... 

Conde Nast Traveller (UK&US), Oct 2019



At Malabar, our philosophy is one of healing and offering holistic solutions for revival and wellbeing.  

Our retreats were conceived as a haven for people looking for an escape from the continual pressure of daily life. We appreciate from personal experience, the need at some point in our lives,  to step into a different space.


  • ​To take a holiday where you actually do come back feeling rested, healthy, genuinely reinvigorated and ready to take on your usual responsibilities with energy and strength.

  • To experience something that changes your world, those rare moments that can subtly redirect your life.

  • To take something away with you that you can easily incorporate into your day to day - to keep the benefits of your retreat well beyond the length of your stay.  A perfect way to deepen and prolong the effects of regular massage treatment.


Our retreats are designed to be rigorous and profound in terms of effect - and yet to be experienced within a personal and serene environment. We believe in a personal, low profile approach hosting no more than 12 people at a time, to ensure each guest receives proper attention and guidance.  

Malabar retreats offer a chance to realign yourself in places where the primal energies of the world still hold sway.....Rest, rejuvenate, rebalance, reorientate.



Malabar Retreats is the creation of  Bibi Morelli Schofield and Dominique Caubel.

Malabar was born of a shared vision - a love of nature and a belief in the beneficial effects of these combined elements - Lu Jong, transformational massage, meditation, digital detox, silence and the deep immersion into your own nature which our retreats permit.

Bibi Morelli Schofield spent 15 years working as a banking lawyer and in business in London, Madrid and Milan.  Bibi spent a decade living and working in and around Zimbabwe and Mozambique, with her Zimbabwean husband, in largely undeveloped areas, rich in nature and tranquillity, and his knowledge and subtle appreciation of the indigenous environment revealed to her an undiscovered world of nature and wildlife. This triggered the beginning of a fundamental shift in her values.  A few years later, after meeting Dominique Caubel and experiencing the Lu Jong practice and his profound bodywork, Bibi also certified as a Lu Jong teacher in the tradition of renowned Master Tulku Lobsang. Priorities evolved and crystallised into a new direction - to bring the benefits of time spent in nature, Lu Jong practice and therapeutic bodywork to a wider audience. This shaped the mission of Malabar Retreats. 


Dominique Caubel is one of the leading practitioners of Tibetan Healing yoga in Europe.  Born in the Commores, on a small island off the African coast, Dominique is of Franco-Indian descent.  His interests began with martial arts and he holds a black belt in Kung Fu and T’ai Chi. Inspired by his work with energy but seeking a non-combatative expression of this power, he began to study Tibetan Yoga, most recently Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing Yoga) and Tog Chod with and in the tradition of renowned Master Tulku Lobsang.  His professional accomplishments in the field of martial arts and yoga were also complemented over the last 20 years with a bodywork practice combining Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic techniques together with Reiki and Karuna energy work. He is based in the South of France and leads the international Malabar Retreats where he both teaches and offers treatments.





5 - 8th May 2022


3 - 10th September 2022


 12 - 17th November 2022



The yoga retreat in Seville was not only an amazing and beautiful experience but a LESSON FOR LIFE. 

I learned how to make myself healthier, physically and mentally. The breathing and postures used by Lu Jong techniques are a very special gift that you have given me and needs to be shared. 

Thank you for that and I’m sure to be joining you for another fabulous and so well organized retreat.