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  • Is this the right retreat for me?
    Our retreats are intended to be substantive and effective. They can be intense and ideal for someone seeking a profound experience in simplicity without necessarily foregoing all luxuries and pleasures. We aim for rigour but not deprivation. Previous experience of any form of yoga is not essential.
  • What will the food be like?
    Our food is delicious and fresh with a vegetarian and low carb inclination. We serve fish and chicken, and tend to avoid red meat. We are healthy but not fully vegetarian although personal food preferences will be fully accommodated where possible.
  • Is alcohol/coffee available?
    Alcohol is not available during the day. In the evening we serve an aperitif (usually as part of a game viewing sundowner…) and wine with dinner. We encourage guests to limit their consumption to a glass of wine so as not to detract from the effects of their practice. Single estate Kilimanjaro Arabica coffee is served at breakfast and after lunch, in a Cafetière along with a wide range of teas.
  • Will there be WiFi/comms?
    Depending on the location communications range from no WiFi to limited WiFi. The intention is for guests to benefit from less connectivity and avoidance of social media/non urgent email/calls is encouraged.
  • Is it suitable for beginners?
    Lu Jong is a wonderful practice and suitable for all levels of fitness and ages. As a yoga practice it is quite rare so usually everyone will be a beginner. Movements do not require particular levels of flexibility or strength as each person can work within their own limit.
  • Is it a silent retreat?
    We are not a silent retreat however we ask guests to observe period of silence at specific times of the day to allow for introspection, reading/sleeping/writing and experience a respite from the usual and constant pressure of socialising.
  • What is the schedule like?
    Yoga/meditation will take place early in the morning usually around 5.30/6am depending on sunrise. This gives guests the full benefit of the early morning energy, ideally suited to these activities. Workshops take place after breakfast and activities through the afternoon (depending on program). Early dinner schedule allow for guests to be in bed by 9.30pm to allow for early starts without feeling tired. We offer an optional evening starlight meditation after dinner.
  • Do I have to do everything?
    The retreat is designed to be intense but obviously guests may attend activities at their discretion. We encourage full participation for maximum effect.
  • Do I require a visa and jabs?
    Once guests are booked and depending on where they are coming from, we will guide on travel details, visa requirements and appropriate health precautions.
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