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Tibetan Healing Yoga (Lu Jong)   


Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing Yoga) is an ancient and deeply effective Tibetan practice, with its origins in Bön (shamanic traditions) and Tantrayana (the path of using the body to transform the mind). Thought to be 8.000 years old, Lu Jong was developed by Tibetan monks and practiced for millennia; closely guarded, it was only handed down orally from Master to Pupil. Recently brought to the West by renowned master, Tulku Lobsang, this exotic, deeply effective and spiritual practice is still rare.

Lu Jong reinforces physical strength and flexibility, boosts our immune system, balances the 5 elements within us and sharpens our senses and intuition. Blockages in subtle body channels create obstacles which can create illness, impede energy (Lung/Qi/Prana) flow and prevent us accessing our true nature. Through Lu Jong practice, these blockages are removed, allowing the energy to flow freely and harmoniously. Benefit from mental clarity, balanced emotions, resistance to disease, vibrant energy and an increased awareness. 


Scientifically rooted in Tibetan medicine, and adapted for the West, the result is a beautiful, efficient and systematic practice consisting of 21 simple movements that improve our well being in all dimensions and, using breath and awareness, help develop a calm mind. A true meditation in movement, more relevant than ever in today’s busy and stressful lifestyle.  Daily practice can really change your life and the results are nothing short of profound. Lu Jong can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities and the benefits are felt immediately.


This ancient and life-changing yoga is a discerning, transformational and powerful choice for busy people, delivering yoga, meditation, medicine and a deep inner connection through a short but fully comprehensive personal practice.


Learn Lu Jong on a Malabar retreat and learn how to use this practice to improve your mental, physical and energetic health.

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