TibetanHealingYoga (LuJong)... thought to be 8.000 years old, Lu Jong was developed by Tibetan monks and practiced for millennia, handed down from Master to Pupil. Recently brought to the West by renowned master, Tulku Lobsang, this exotic and deeply effective ancient practice is still rare.  Lu Jong reinforces physical strength and flexibility, boosts your immune system and sharpens your senses. It balances the elements and humours, the foundation of the physical body, and invigorates the body/s more subtle vital wind (or energy), allowing the Lung/Qi to flow freely and harmoniously, breaking down the blockages which create susceptibility to illness. We are improved on a physical, mental and energetic level.


The result is a beautiful, efficient and systematic practice that improves our well being in all dimensions and using breath and awareness develops a quiet mind, a true meditation in movement, more relevant than ever in today’s busy and stressful lifestyle.


Lu Jong is thoroughly beneficial for your health and happiness, brings inner calm and makes you glow from the inside out. Daily practice can really change your life and the results are nothing short of profound.  This ancient and life changing yoga is a discerning and transformational choice.


Lu Jong can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities and the benefits are felt immediately.


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